March Sermon Illustrations

March 08, 2010

Are We Obeying?

S. D. Gordon, in his Quiet Talks on Power, says that a prominent clergyman in New England tells this experience: "In the house of his pastoral work he was called upon to conduct the funeral service of a young woman who had died quite unexpectedly. As he entered the house he met the minister in charge of the mission church where the family attended, and asked him, `Was Mary a Christian?' To his surprise a pained look came into the young man's face as he replied, `Three weeks ago I had a strong impulse to speak to her, but I did not; and I do not know.' A moment later he met the girl's Sunday school teacher and asked her the same question. Quickly the tears came as she said, `Two weeks ago, Doctor, a voice seemed to say to me, "Speak to Mary," and I knew what it meant, and I intended to, but I did not, and I do not know.' Deeply moved by these unexpected answers, a few minutes later he met the girl's mother, and thinking doubtless to give her an opportunity to speak a word that would bring comfort to her own heart, he said quietly, `Was Mary a Christian girl?' The tears came quick and hot to the mother's eyes as she sobbed out, `One week ago a voice came to me saying, "Speak to Mary," and I thought of it, but I did not do it at the time, and you know how unexpectedly she went away, and I do not know."'—The King's Business.

Subjects: Obedience, Faithfulness

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