March Sermon Illustrations

March 07, 2010

Judas Trees

On certain sections of the earth there grows a tree which has been named the Judas Tree, because of its deceitfulness. This tree, it is said, has most beautiful crimson blossoms. These appear before the leaves. Their flaming beauty attracts innumerable insects. The busy bee, ever on the lookout for honey, is drawn to the flowers. But every insect, and every bee, that alights upon the blossoms imbibes a fatal opiate, and drops dead from among the crimson blossoms to the earth. Beneath the Judas Tree the earth is strewed with its victims.

How marvelously this tree illustrates the deceitfulness and the danger of sin! The poisonous insect and the useful bee, alike, were enticed and met a similar fate—death. So it is with sin. Even with the best of intentions, one may meet disaster by approaching sin; and only the wisdom of the Holy Spirit can discern, sometimes, between the good and the evil, true and false, in these last days.

We need not only to pray for guidance, for strength, but for wisdom to discern these deceitful "Judas trees" which Satan has planted all about us.—Gospel Herald.

Subjects: Deceit, Hypocrisy

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