March Sermon Illustrations

March 06, 2010

The Best System of Self-Defense

"Do you think it would be wrong for me to learn the noble art of self-defense?" a religiously inclined young man inquired of his pastor. "Certainly not," answered the minister. "I learned it in youth myself, and I have found it of great value during my life." "Indeed, sir! Did you learn the old English system or the Sullivan system?" "I learned neither," said the minister. "I learned the Solomon system." "The Solomon system?" answered the young man. "Yes; you will find it in the first verse of the fifteenth chapter of Proverbs: 'A soft answer turneth away wrath.' It is the best system of self-defense of which I know!" It would be well if more would know this way of self-defense.—Youth's Counselor.

Subjects: Peacemakers, Humility

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