March Sermon Illustrations

March 05, 2010

True Happiness Not in Money

This is illustrated in the history of two kings, Croesus, King of Lydia, born in 590 B.C., had immense wealth and lived luxuriously. He filled his house with all manner of costly treasures. He thought he was the happiest of mortals. Solon, one of the seven wise men of Greece, paid him a visit and was received into a magnificent chamber. Solon showed no surprise or admiration. The king, angry at his indifference, asked Solon, 'Why do you not think me the most truly happy?' Solon replied, 'No man can be esteemed truly happy but he whose happiness God continues to the end of his life.'

Cyrus, noted for his liberality, was a king loved by his people. He was rich but gave much away. 'My treasures,' he said, 'are the hearts and affections of my people.'

(1 Tim. 6. 17-19)

Subjects: Money, Riches

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