March Sermon Illustrations

March 29, 2010

The Secret of His Eloquence

When Bishop Simpson preached years ago in Memorial Hall, London, he preached quietly and with very little gesticulation, but with such power that the whole assembly, as if moved by an irresistible impulse, arose at the climax of his message, then after a second or two sank into the seats. A professor of elocution was there. A friend who knew that he had come to criticize, asked him, after the service, how he liked the bishop's elocution. "Elocution!" he said. "That man doesn't need elocution. He's got the Holy Ghost." That was the secret back of the attracting power of Jesus Christ, and it tells the story of every great preacher whom God has used in the drawing of souls to himself.The King's Business.

Subjects: Holy Spirit

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