March Sermon Illustrations

March 24, 2010

The Power of New Life

A lady, who desired to lead a Christian life, felt that there was one thing in her life that she could not give up. When she consulted her pastor, he said: "Have you noticed that there are always a few dead leaves clinging to the old oak trees after all the other leaves have fallen? The strong blasts of winter fail to tear them off. Spring comes, and still they cling persistently. The days are calm, bright, and balmy. Presently one by one they drop off. What unseen power so quietly, but so surely, severs them? The new life rising in the tree gradually causes them to drop off. And so with us,—as the new life in Christ permeates our being, we find that we can give up for Him what before was so hard to renounce."Sunday School Times.

Subjects: Growth

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