March Sermon Illustrations

March 21, 2010

In front of the temple under whose auspices the Corinthian games were held ran a beautiful avenue. Along its sides were marble tablets, on which were the names of the winners of prizes at the games in past years. The great ambition of every athlete of Greece was to have his name inscribed on one of those tablets. Distinction in athletics then did not bring financial reward, as in the case of the notable athletes of our day. What the athlete strove for was to have his name inscribed along that avenue of fame and to wear upon his head the laurel crown. To secure that distinction he subjected himself to the most arduous discipline and training and abstinence for a period of ten months. At the end of that period, trained to the moment, he entered the arena and strove for mastery. It was that training that Paul had in mind when he spoke of the discipline and training to which the athletes subjected themselves, saying that all those who strove for mastery exercised "self-control in all things" (I Cor. 9:25).

Subjects: Self-Control, Discipline

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