March Sermon Illustrations

March 16, 2010

Antithesis of Life of Moses

Moses was the child of a slave, yet the son of a Princess:
He was born in a hut, but reared in a Palace:
He inherited extreme poverty yet enjoyed immense wealth:
Educated for a court, he did his greatest work in a desert:
He was the mightiest of warriors, yet the meekest of men:
Moses possessed the wisdom of this world, yet had the faith of a little child:

His funeral was not attended by a single human creature: but the Creator Himself was present:

His death created no great stir on earth, but occasioned a great commotion in Heaven.

(Exod. 2. 10; Num. 12. 3, 7; Deut. 34. 5-7; Jude 9)

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