March Sermon Illustrations

March 15, 2010

What A Testament Did

A Japanese colporteur reports that in a certain village of 430 houses he sold 400 copies of Scripture. This unusually high proportion of sales was due to the persuasion of his companion's life. Of him people said, "If Christianity is like Miyamoto's religion we would like to believe it."

And who is Miyamoto?

At the age of seventeen he was condemned to penal servitude for man­slaughter. He spent more than twenty-five years in prison. One day he found himself in a certain prison with a group of discontented men who were planning a riot. Suddenly a Book fell from a shelf and struck him on the head. As he picked it up he noticed that it was open at the words, "Come unto Me." And how had a New Testament come into the prison?

The governor, who was a Christian, had placed it there.

Miyamoto sought an interview with the governor in order to find out the meaning of the words, and this good man led him to Christ. He went on reading the Testament. His character changed; he was released under special Imperial amnesty. He returned to his own village and family. His faithful, hardworking life won for him the respect of the community. At one time he planned to change his place of residence, but his fellow villagers begged him to remain in order that his life might be an example to their boys. No wonder that when he accompanied the colporteur so many copies of Scripture were sold.—T. E. Ashford, With Tongue and Pen.

Subjects: Bibles, Scriptures

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