March Sermon Illustrations

March 14, 2010

No Place for Pride

Two ladies at Shanghai once got to talking about Mr. Taylor, wondering if he was ever tempted to be proud. One of the ladies went and asked Mrs. Taylor. She did not know. But Mrs. Taylor went and asked Mr. Taylor. He was surprised and inquired, "Proud about what?" Mrs. Taylor replied, "Why, about the things you have done." Then immediately came this beautiful answer, "I never knew I had done anything." And Mr. Taylor was right; he never had done anything, for it was God who had wrought in and through him. Only, there was this dif­ference between this man of God and some other persons: he knew it, and others do not. As it was with Mr. Taylor, so should it be with us. When we have done all, greatly and grandly, then let us say, "We are but unprofitable servants," and so give the glory of our successful service to God, to Him alone. China's Millions

Subjects: Pride, Boasts

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