March Sermon Illustrations

March 13, 2010

Just Preach

Stephen Grellet, the noted Friend, once felt a burden on his heart and the leading of the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel to men in an American lumber camp. But when he arrived at the camp he found it deserted, for the men had gone farther into the forest. Feeling, nevertheless, that he had been sent there by the Holy Spirit, he stood up in the empty mess hall and delivered his sermon, heard, as he thought, only by the board walls of the building and the lofty trees of the forest.

Years afterward, crossing London Bridge in the evening gloom, he was somewhat rudely stopped by a man who accosted him and said, "You are the man I have been looking for all these years. I have found you at last."

"There must be some mistake," said Grellet. "I have never seen thee."

"No," said the man. "But did you not preach at a lumber camp in the American forest?"

"Yes, but there was no one there." "I was there," responded the man, "and I heard the sermon."

Then he went on to relate how he had come back from where the men were working to get a saw that had been left behind, when he was startled and alarmed at hearing the sound of a man's voice. Approaching the building, he looked through a chink of the logs and saw Grellet standing by himself preaching the sermon. He listened to the preacher, was convicted of sin, got hold of a copy of the Scriptures, learned the way of life, was saved, and brought others with him into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Subjects: Preaching, Preachers, Sermon

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