March Sermon Illustrations

March 01, 2010

A man dospairing of happiness in life had climbed up on the parapet of the Brooklyn Bridge and was about to leap into the river when a policeman laid an arresting hand upon him and drew him back. But the man protested to the policeman, saying, "You do not understand how miserable I am and how hopeless my life is. Please let me go."

The kindhearted officer talked with him and said, "I will make this proposition to you. You take five minutes and give your reasons why life is not worth living, and then I will take five minutes and give my reasons why I think life is worth living, both for you and for me. If at the end of the ten minutes you still feel like jumping from the bridge I will not stop you."

The man then took his five minutes, and the officer took his five minutes. The result was that at the end of the ten minutes they joined hands and both leaped from the bridge.

Hope is not an argument. Hope is a great instinct of the soul.

Subjects: Hope, Kindness

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