Love for Others Sermon Illustrations

Love for Others Sermon Illustrations

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Love's Persistence

A young woman who had left home because her father was a drunkard, afterward became a Christian, and announced her intention of returning and doing what she could to reclaim him.

"But what will you do when he finds fault with all your efforts to please him?" someone asked.

"Try a little harder," she answered with a soft light in her eyes.

"Yes, but when he is unreasonable and unkind you will be tempted to lose your temper, and answer him angrily. What will you do then?"

"Pray a little harder," came the answer with a fearless ring in the words.

The discourager had one more arrow: "Suppose he should strike you, as he did before. What could you do but leave him again?"

"Love him a little harder," said the young Christian steadily.

Her splendid perseverance conquered. Through love and prayer and patient effort, her father was not only reclaimed from his besetting sin, but proved Christ's power to save.—New Illustrator.

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