Love for Christ Sermon Illustrations

Love for Christ Sermon Illustrations

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A Child's Love

One night, as a little girl knelt for her good-night prayer time, her mother, as mothers sometimes do, suggested things for her little daughter to pray about, and to give thanks for. "Won't you ask the Lord Jesus to help you to love Him more?" said the mother. The child lifted her head, and there was a puzzled look in her clear eyes. "What is it, dear?" asked her mother. "Did you say for me to ask Him to help me to love Him more?" came the question. "Yes, my darling." "But how can I love Him more, Mummie? I am just crazy about Him now."Junior King's Business.

Learning to Love Christ

A man thus described his conversion to Mark Guy Pearse: "I never professed to be a Christian or anything like that; but one morning as I was going down to my business, I was thinking of those words, `Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me?' and wished with all my heart that I could answer them as Peter did. I felt very sad that I could not. Then this thought came to me, `Well, if I cannot say so much as Peter, perhaps I could turn it around a little and find something easier.' So I began to think there was one thing I could not say. I could not say, `Lord, Thou knowest that I do not love Thee,' and I found some comfort in that. At last I grew bold enough to look up and say, `Lord, Thou knowest all things. Thou knowest that I want to love Thee.' Then I began to think of His great love for me; I thought of His life, of His words, of His Cross, and almost before I knew what I was doing, I looked up and said, `Thou knowest that I DO love Thee."' And at that moment the consciousness of forgiveness and a new life came into his heart.—Tilestone F. Chambers.

Lovest Thou Me?

Lovest thou Me? I left My all,
My kingly crown, My heavenly hall,
For Bethlehem, for Calvary—
I left it all for love of thee-
Lovest thou Me?

Lovest thou Me? Behold the blood,
Blood of the sinless Son of God!
Go, gaze on Calvary's crimson tide!
Behold My hands, My feet, My side—
Lovest thou Me?

Lovest thou Me? For thee I died—
God for the sinner crucified!
O Soul, what thinkest thou of Me?
What hast thou done with Calvary?
Lovest thou Me? —Selected.

How Much Did He Love Her?

A young man spent an entire evening telling a girl how much he loved her. He said that he couldn't live without her; that he'd go to the ends of the earth for her; yes, go through fire for her, or die for her. But when leaving he said, "I'll see you tomorrow night—if it doesn't rain." How often we say we love God, yet deny it by our actions. John said, "Let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth."—Ruby Barrow Oldfield, in the Secret Place.

A True Story of Two Lovers' Pact

A painful dilemma was solved by a young school teacher in New Mexico in 1889. Her school was at a town called Chama. There she met a young business man with whom she became acquainted. They grew attached to each other and in the summer the young man began to talk of marriage. The school teacher wanted her father's consent to the union, so at the first opportunity she paid a visit to his ranch at Alamosa. It was arranged that, after a few days her lover should follow her and learn the result of her application to her father. The girl's mission was not successful. Her father knew nothing of the young man's character or position, but was "against him on general principles." His opposition continued in spite of argument and coaxing, and was still firm when the lover appeared. The daughter happened to see the young man approaching the ranch, and told her father. "He shall not come into my house," said the old man resolutely. Finding that pleading was of no avail, the girl considered for a minute, and then seized her father in her arms and hugged him again and again, affectionately kissing him. Then she released him with a tearful good-bye caress, and ran from the house to meet her lover. She told him the situation, and then mounting to his side in the wagon, they drove to Santa Fe where they were married. Evidently it cost her a struggle to leave her father for her lover, and doubtless her husband loved her all the more for the proof she therein gave him of the depths of her love. Such love,—stronger than all rival claims, the Lord Jesus requires of all who would be His followers.—Selected.

Knowing Christ Intimately

Mr. Glenny, the founder of the North Africa Mission, was once away upon the Yorkshire moors, and he was told there was a very godly old shepherd who would be minding the sheep out on those moors, and Mr. Glenny said, "I would like to meet that man." They said, "You will find him. Just roam over the moors, and you will come across him all right." One morning Mr. Glenny started out, and there among the sheep he found this old shepherd. He walked up to him and said, "Brother, may I shake hands with you? I hear you love the Lord Jesus." I do not feel that it is irreverent if I give you that shepherd's reply in the words he used. He said, "Yes, sir, I love the Lord Jesus, and me an' Him's very thick." Could you say that? Are you on terms like that with the Lord Jesus?—Gospel Herald.

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