Lost Sermon Illustrations

Lost Sermon Illustrations

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The signs of the times are making an impression on those who have hitherto been little inclined to observe them. The president of Union Theological Seminary, Dr. Coffin, declared in Carnegie Hall that "we live in a world which is falling to pieces internationally, racially, and industrially." Dr. Edmund Chaffee at the same meeting said: "A great sense of failure has come to all of us. God Himself has convicted us of sin. We have been glibly saying for years that this was a lost world, but the terrible truth of this statement has never been driven home to us. Now we know civilization for what it is,—spiritually hollow, cruel, blind, literally sliding toward hell. Unless Christ's Gospel is preached quickly, fearlessly, passionately, ours is a lost world. Even now it may be too late."—Sunday School Times.

The Spurned Invitation

God invites you to the greatest happiness that can come to man in this world, and you say, "Excuse me." He invites you to a happy reunion with the loved ones whose faces faded away in the gloom of the grave, and you say "Excuse me." He invites you to a life of the noblest service any man can live, and you say, "Excuse me." And yet He has borne with you in patience and in love. Sometime He will take you at your word and say, "You are excused." and shut you out forever from His mercy and pardon.—W. E. Biederwolf.

Who Does the Finding?

Yam Sing came from China to California and was brought to know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. When examined before baptism concerning his experience of faith, someone asked him how he found Jesus. "I no find Jesus at all; He find me," was the answer from the converted man, an answer which was more than satisfactory to the questioner, and which showed that he had learned something of the love of Him who came to "seek and to save that which was lost."—S. S. Advocate.

An Awful Vision

"I saw a Punjab brother convulsed and sobbing as if his heart would break. I went up to him, and said, 'The Blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all sin. A smile lit up his face, 'Thank God Sahib,' he cried, `but, oh! what an awful vision I have had! Thousands of souls in this land of India being carried away by the dark river of sin! They are in Hell now! Oh, to snatch them from the fire before it is too late!"—Selected.

I'm Not Going That Way

Dr. J. Wilbur Chapman once told of a prodigal son who came home for his Christian mother's funeral. Beside the casket stood his father and sister. When the prodigal boy was urged to stop weeping and leave, the father said, "We'll see Mother again." The boy answered, "Yes, Dad, you and sister shall see her again, I know, but I shall not, for I'm not going that way."

"Sad, sad, that bitter wail;
Almost—but lost!"

Where will you spend eternity?—Courtesy Moody Monthly.

Lost in Sight of Home

When the ill-fated ship, the Royal Charter, went down long years ago, it had toured the waters of the world, and had on board a distinguished company of passengers. They were to land finally on their return voyage in Liverpool. Great preparation was being made to welcome them. And yet, on that last night, just a few hours before they reached Liverpool, the ship caught fire, and sank to the depths of the sea, nearly all of the passengers drowning with the sinking ship. Only a few escaped to tell the terrible story. All Liverpool was agog with interest to welcome the people, not knowing of the sinking of the ship. Then, the few survivors came to shore, and told the awful story to the people. Then, the story had to be carried to the homes in Liverpool. Dr. W. M. Taylor was commissioned to carry the story of the sinking ship to one of his families, and tell wife and children that husband and father would never come back to his earthly home. The wife greeted him joyously at the door. "Oh, you have come at the right time! Husband is to be here in a few minutes!" And then she started back. Said she, "What on earth is it, Dr. Taylor? What has happened? Do not keep me in suspense." Taking her hand in his, he said, "Little woman, I am the bearer of evil tidings. The ship has gone down, just a little distance from the shore, and your husband is drowned there with the rest!" Her face turned pale with the whiteness of snow. She uttered one piercing cry and fell unconscious at his feet. This was her cry, "Oh, God, he got so near home, and yet will never come!"—George W. Truett.

Lost in the Church

"If our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost" (II Cor. 4:3).

In an English village a Sunday school entertainment was being held in a small church. The place was crowded and in darkness as a stereopticon exhibition was being given. A knock at the door summoned an usher, who made his way to the front and announced, "Little Mary Jones is lost. Her family and the town officers have been searching everywhere for her. If anyone has seen her or knows of her whereabouts, will he please go to the door and communicate with the friend who is inquiring." No one moved and the lecturer went on with his address and pictures.

At the close, when the lights were turned on, a lady noticed Mary sitting on a front seat. Going over to her, she said, "Why, Mary, didn't you hear them inquiring for you? Why did you not let them know you were here?"

Surprised, the child asked, "Did they mean me? They said Mary Jones was lost. I am not lost. I knew where I was all the time; I thought it was some other Mary Jones."

She was lost in the church and did not know it. How many others are like her. They have a name that they live, but are dead. Though members of some local church, they have never seen their need of Christ, nor have they believed the message of the gospel.

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