Light Sermon Illustrations

Light Sermon Illustrations

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Where Is Your Light Hanging Out?

The story is told of a little girl who was shivering her way along a main street in one of our great cities. Seeing the beautiful lights of a church building and hearing the music coming from within, she went in and warmed herself as she listened. The preacher's text was, "I am the light of the world." At the close of the service, she went to the minister and said, "Did you say you are the light of the world, sir?" The minister replied, "No, dear child. Christ is the light of the world, and I am one of the lights." The little lass looked at him for a moment, and then solemnly said, "Well, sir, I wish you would come down and hang out in our alley, 'cause it's awful dark down there!" Christians are, indeed, as the Master said, "the light of the world." As one of those lights, are you "hanging out" in some dark alley?—Biblical Research Monthly.

From One Light to the Next

During a great storm a physician in a small town was called to go some seven or eight miles into the country to visit a sick child. It was evening and the snow was falling so rapidly that it soon blotted out the road and left him in a sore danger of losing his way. Reaching a farmhouse he telephoned to the next one beyond, asking them to hang out a lantern. They did so, and sent the word on to their next neighbor, who in turn sped the message, and so the doctor with his horse and buggy was enabled to drive forward through the storm, making his way from light to light until he reached the home where he was so sorely needed. Is not that a picture of the Christian life? We can each throw a light upon that part of the road that runs by our own door to make sure that no one shall miss the way because our light is not burning.Christian Age.

Let Your Light Shine

"I was sitting in the gloamin' and a man passed the window. He was a lamp­lighter. He pushed his pole into the lamp and lighted it. Then he went to another and another. Now I couldn't see him. But I knew where he was by the lights as they broke out down the street, until he had left a beautiful avenue of light."

"Now I couldn't see him." No, but his light could be seen. And that was the important thing. It was the lamplighter's business to light the lamps, not to make himself seen. What matters it, if people take little notice of you? The important thing is to make them take notice of your light. You do not need to seek to be seen of men, but you do need to shine that men may see. "Let your light so shine that men may see your good works"—not you.

"But I knew where he was by the lights as they broke out down the street." Can people tell where you are by the light you kindle? Can they tell what you stand for?—Evangelical Christian.

What You Are Here For

We stopped at a garage just at dusk one evening. Something about the engine needed attention. A mechanic examined into the trouble while a helper stood by, directing the beams of a powerful flashlight into the recesses under the hood. Something attracted the helper's attention. He turned away and in doing so inadvertently turned off the light. The mechanic looked up, and with good-humored impatience exclaimed: "Shine your light! What are you here for anyway?" Something to think about in that sentence.—Gospel Herald.

Entertaining Royalty

Two young people were walking along a path in the Catskill Mountains. Their conversation had turned to a mutual acquaintance. The young man said, "She has what I call a radiant personality." "That's right," agreed the young woman. "How do you account for it?" They walked along for a few moments, and then, pointing across the river, he said: "See that wonderful old castle? You know, when I was a small boy, my playmates and I loved to sit on the bank and look across at it. We could tell what was going on there by the number of lights that were burning. If only the family were present, just a few lights would be seen. When guests were entertained, there would be many lights, and the palace became truly beautiful. Once a member of a royal family visited there, and you should have seen the lights! I have seldom seen such brilliance." The young couple's discussion wandered back to their acquaintance. "I think the only way her radiant personality can be explained is that she is constantly entertaining a Royal Guest," suggested the young lady. He agreed.—Secret Place

The Swiftness of Shining

Talking doesn't compare with living. Suppose you were about to enter Heaven, and stopped to make a few remarks to the people on earth. Suppose at the same moment a sunbeam were leaving the sun, and that your words and the ray of light had the same distance to reach the earth. In eight minutes the people on earth would see that sunbeam; but your voice would not reach them for 1,936 minutes, because sound is so much slower than light. Yet there are so many people who would rather talk than shine!Sunday School Times.

"The Path of the Just"

A little boy walked along a country lane one dark night, with his father, and carried the lantern. The black silence all about frightened him. He said, "Father, this light reaches such a little way, I am afraid." His father answered, "True. my boy, but if you walk on, the light will shine to the end of your journey." There are night times in the Christian's experience when God gives His followers only enough light to take the next step. And that is all that is needed. We may be sure of one thing,—the light will never go out. If we walk on, it will shine to the end of the journey.—Sunday School Times.

Light That Is Life

Light often points the way to life in both the spiritual and physical realms. A striking illustration of this was seen in a dispatch from George Weller, "somewhere in Australia" (Evening Bulletin, Phila.), describing a thrilling incident of the battle of the Java Sea. A destroyer had been torpedoed, and 116 men were struggling for their lives in the oil-burdened waters, swimming about and clinging to rafts. Their cries for help were answered by return cries from three cruisers, "but only some unknown, friendly hand aboard the Houston had the quickness of mind to throw them the illuminated life preserver. It was the light attached to it that guided a British destroyer to their rescue." "Regulation American Navy life belts, with a floating light attached, tossed overboard from the cruiser Houston," were the means that saved the lives of these men. They not only supported them in the dark, troubled waters, but led to their final safety. What a vivid picture of the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ! "In Him was life; and the life was the light of men. . . . And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not" (John 1:4, 5). He is the light of the world, and He gives life to all who believe in Him. He, with His almighty power, upholds His own amid the troubles of this world, and when their earthly voyage is done, He gathers them safely to Himself in Heaven.—Sunday School Times.

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