January Sermon Illustrations

January 9, 2010

"I Love Him Too"

An old countryman, visiting London for the first time in his life, went into one of the great picture galleries to look around. Presently he came to a wonderful painting of the Lord Jesus Christ hanging upon the Cross. He stopped before it, and as he gazed at the picture a great love for the One who hung there flooded his heart. "Bless Him!" he said, aloud. "I love Him! I love Him!"

Others in the gallery heard the old man's words, and seeing the tears trickling down his old furrowed cheeks, as he stood beside the picture, hat in hand, forgetful of all else, were touched, and stopped before the picture, too. Presently a stranger drew near to the old countryman, and grasping his hand, said: "I love Him, too, brother."

Seeing what had taken place, a third stepped forward, saying: "So do I." Then a fourth joined them, and a fifth, until there stood before the picture of the Saviour a little knot of men, perfect strangers to one another, but drawn together by the love of the Lord Jesus.—Gospel Herald.

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