January Sermon Illustrations

January 8, 2010

True Greatness

Once there was a woman who did a big washing. She hung her clothes on a line. The line broke and all the wash came down. She did her washing over again and spread it on the grass to dry. A dog with muddy feet came along and walked all over the nice, clean, white clothes. The woman did not get angry nor lose her temper. She said: "Ain't it queer he didn't miss nothing?"

That was true greatness. But only people who do washings know it.—Christian Union Herald.

The reason people confuse patience and interest is simple enough. The same thing that inspires the keenest interest in one person might completely bore another.

This is illustrated in a homely way. Of two neighbors, one found little boys and girls a definite annoyance at all times. He asked the other, who seemed to attract them, how he could be so patient with children.

"Me patient!" the man replied in complete surprise. "Why I'm not patient. I just like kids."

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