January Sermon Illustrations

January 31, 2010

Too Late

One evening, years ago, in the Province of Alberta, Canada, a happy father and mother went out for a stroll through a near-by wheat-field with their little boy. As they wandered through the field, each thought the other held the hand of their child.

All at once they realized that the boy was not with them. They called, but there was no answer. They became more and more disturbed, then terrified, and hunted everywhere with no results.

Finally, the father went back to the village and got a searching party to assist them. Many willing helpers searched all night without avail. After many hours, someone finally suggested that they join hands and cover the entire grain-field, and not leave a single square foot uncovered in this last effort.

They joined hands and soon came across the body of the child, and a hush spread over them all, because they had found the child too late. As the group stood there in silence, with bowed heads, someone was heard to whisper: "If we only had joined hands before it was too late!"—Selected.

Subjects: Cooperation, Unity

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