January Sermon Illustrations

January 30, 2010


A young woman, because of discouragement, was about to give up an important work for God. One night she dreamed that an angel took her to Heaven and showed her all the beauty and glory of it. The angel then led her to the gate of Heaven where she could look down on the world and see the hearts of men and women torn and broken by sin and careless living. She could see bright spots where the Gospel had worked but they only intensified the darkness of the picture. The awful sight struck deep into the young woman's soul. She burst into tears, and said: "Let me go back to the world quickly and tell them of Jesus! I will never be discouraged again." Then she awoke; it was only a dream, but the vision of the lost world was always clearly before her eyes, and from that time on she realized her personal responsibility in the work of spreading the Gospel.

Indeed we all need to get above the horizon, to get a sight of a lost world, and to reach the "up" of courage in Christian service.

No matter how dark the hour may be, there are still glints of God's love, and if we are faithful, our saddest experience will be changed into sunshine and victory and happiness!

God cannot do much with a discouraged soldier. Uncle Sam has little or no use for a discouraged soldier. Once the morale of an army is gone, they are almost sure to go down in defeat.—Gospel Herald.

Subjects: Discouragement, Disappointment

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