January Sermon Illustrations

January 3, 2010

"When They Prayed"

A father and son were taking a long journey and must stay overnight in a country home. As they carried a fair amount of money with them, they had a certain fear. These people were strangers, but they had to have a place to stay, so the father and son decided that they would change off sitting up, lest the people in whose home they were abiding should seek to rob them. The father went to bed first and was soon fast asleep. After a while the father was awakened by the son's coming to bed, too.

"Why, son," said the father, "are you tired already? I thought that you were going to sit up the first part of the night and I the last."

"Well, father," said the son very quietly, "we don't have to sit up and watch in this house. While I was sitting here I heard the old man tell his wife that he thought they would read a few verses in the Bible and have prayer as usual. He read Romans, 13th chapter, I heard him say it was. I wish I could remember all that is in it, but I can't, so I'll read it some time, for a I never knew that there was so much in one chapter. The only verse that I remember is that `love worketh no ill to his neighbor' and then the old couple prayed. Such prayers I have never heard before! They asked God to help them to be a help and blessing to others and, do you know, they asked God to bless the strangers too. I can't be afraid that they will harm us after hearing their prayer. I wish that you could have heard it."

"You are right, son. People who make prayer a part of their lives will harm no one"; and then father and son slept peacefully, for they were not afraid.—Gospel Herald.

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