January Sermon Illustrations

January 29, 2010

An Infidel Answered

Mr. Charles Bradlaugh, a celebrated infidel lecturer in the last century, at one time M.P. for Northampton, a man of great talents prostituted to the attacking of the Christian faith, delivered a scathing attack on Christianity in a well-known London hall. At its close he dared any man to answer him.

The Chairman replied, "No one here is likely to try, Mr. Bradlaugh. We are all of your way of thinking."

However, a gasfitter arose and said, "You all know me. I have been a member of this club for five years. Some months ago I lost my work, and I was ill, and to make matters worse my wife was ill. Not one of you came near me, though my illness was known here. But someone came, and his wife nursed us and provided for us, otherwise neither my wife nor I would have been alive today. That man was a city missionary, whom I had driven away from my door with threats. When I was well enough to think, I asked him why he had been so kind to us, and he told me he had done it for the love of Christ. I say that a religion which will bring a man to the bedside of one who has hated him and cursed him, is a good thing for this life."

Such an incident as this can be multiplied a thousand times. Infidelity does not like deathbeds. It is a fair weather negation that crumbles into dust when the storms of life are heavy, especially when the shadows of eternal night settle on the soul.—Gospel Herald.

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