January Sermon Illustrations

January 26, 2010

A Conqueror's Ambition

Cineas, when dissuading Pyrrhus from undertaking a war against the Romans, said, 'Sir, when you have conquered them, what will you do next?' `Sicily is near at hand and easy to master,' replied Pyrrhus. `And what when you have conquered Sicily?' `Then we will pass on to Africa and take Carthage.'

`When these are conquered, what will be your next attempt?' asked Cineas.

`Then,' said Pyrrhus, 'we will fall upon Greece and Macedon and recover what we have lost there.'

`Well, when all are subdued, what fruit do you expect from all your victories?'

`Then,' said Pyrrhus, 'we will sit down and enjoy ourselves.'

`Sir!' said Cineas, 'may we not do it now? Have you not already a kingdom of your own? He that cannot enjoy himself with a kingdom cannot with a whole world.' (1 Tim. 6. 8; Heb. 13. 5) 30.

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