January Sermon Illustrations

January 25

The Fool

"The fool bath said in his heart, There is no God"—Psalm 14:1.

An evangelist, E. L. Hyde, conducted some revival meetings in New Jersey, and in the course of his remarks said that he could prove to the satisfaction of any infidel within ten minutes that he was a fool. The next morning while walking, a gentleman accosted him very abruptly by saying, "Aren't you the evangelist preaching up here at the church?"

"Yes, sir."

"Well, I suppose you are a gentleman."

"I claim to be one."

"Well, I don't think you are one. Didn't you say last night that you could prove to the satisfaction of anyone within ten minutes that all infidels are fools? If you don't prove it to my satisfaction I will publish you in all the city papers as the most consummate liar that ever struck the city."

Seeing there was no possibility of reasoning with the man, Mr. Hyde said: "Where is your infidel?"

"I claim to be one," was the reply, "and I want you to know I am no fool either."

"You don't mean to say there is no reality in Christianity?"

"I do, sir. I have studied all phases of the subject, and have traveled and delivered lectures against Christianity for more than twelve years, and I am prepared to say there is nothing in it."

"You are certain there is nothing in it?"

"Yes, sir; there is nothing in it."

"Will you please tell me," said Mr. Hyde, "if a man who will lecture twelve years against nothing is not a fool, what in your judgment would constitute a fool?"

He turned away in a rage. Mr. Hyde, drawing out his watch, insisted he still had six minutes, but the infidel would not hear him, nor was Mr. Hyde published in the city papers.—Selected

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