January Sermon Illustrations

January 15, 2010

After Bishop Simpson, the great Methodist preacher, returned from college he attended a camp meeting in Cadiz, Ohio. There he took an interest in a group of young men, and was anxious that they should be preserved from the temptations to which they were exposed. At the evening meeting he observed some of these young men go forward to the altar. Deeply moved, he was regretting that he, whose life had been so guarded by Christian influences, should not experience the same emotions that they were undergoing. He saw standing near the railing a young man who was not a professed Christian. The thought occurred to Simpson that while he himself was not being benefited, this young man might be. He laid his hand on his shoulder and asked him if he would like to go forward for prayer. The young man said he would go if Simpson would go with him, and together they went to the altar and knelt down. It was after this that Simpson became a member of the Church and dedicated himself to Christ.

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