Ittai Sermon Illustrations

Ittai Sermon Illustrations

`Wherefore goest thou with me?' said the king disowned—
Said the king despised, rejected, disenthroned.

`Go, return unto thy place, to thy king of yore—
Here a pilgrim and a stranger, nothing more.

`Not for thee the cities fair, hills of corn and wine—
All was portioned ere thou camest, Nought is thine.

`Wandering forth where'er I may, exiled from mine own,
Shame, rejection I can grant thee; that alone.'

Then unto the crownless king on the Kedron's shore,
All the wilderness before him, Ittai swore,

`As the Lord lives and the king, ever lord to me,
Where in death or life he dwelleth I will be.'

`Go—pass over ;' spake the king; then passed Ittai o'er;
Passed into the place of exile from the shore.

He and all his little ones, granted by that word,
Shame, rejection, homeless wandering with their lord.

`Go pass over;' words of grace spoken, Lord, to me,
That, in death or life, where Thou art I might be.

`He who serves Me,' spake his lips, 'let him follow Me,
And where I am shall My servant ever be.'

Follow, where His steps lead on, through the golden street;
Far into the depths of glory, track His feet.

Till unto the throne of God, of the Lamb I come;
There to share the blessed welcome—Welcome home!—P.G. in Hymns of Ter Stegen and others

(2 Sam. 15. 19-22; John 12. 26)

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