Infidelity Sermon Illustrations

Infidelity Sermon Illustrations

There is a story that Voltaire when in the midst of an atheistic discussion with some of his friends got up from his chair and closed the door into the room where his valet was, saying as he did so that he did not want his valet to cut his throat. If all the declarations of avowed atheists and infidels, and their more dangerous allies who wear the garb of religion, were taken seriously, there would be a vast amount of throat cutting among men.

D. L. Moody on one occasion met a man in the enquiry room after one of his powerful gospel messages and asked him, 'Are you a Christian?' The man replied, 'I'm, a practical Christian.' 'Ah!' said Mr. Moody, `when were you converted?' I never was converted. I don't believe the Bible,' was the reply. 'Do you believe Webster's Dictionary?' asked D. L. Moody. 'Yes!' said the man. `Well! Webster says that one who doesn't believe the Bible is an infidel. Call yourself by your right name,' said Mr. Moody.

(John 8. 24; 1 John 5. 10)

No more subtle praise of an institution could be imagined than the scandal which immediately attaches to any sin in it. To a young infidel scoffing at Christianity because of the misconduct of its professors, Dr. Mason said, 'Did you ever know of an uproar made because an infidel went astray from the paths of morality?' The infidel admitted that he had not.

`Then don't you see,' said Dr. Mason, 'that by expecting those who profess Christianity to be holy, you admit it to be a holy religion, and thus pay it the highest compliment in your power.'

(2 Tim. 2. 19; 1 Pet. 1. 16)

Infamous Infidelity

The following was printed many years ago by the late W. W. Hamilton, once president of the Southern Baptist Convention. It was found in the Biblical Encyclopedia, Volume 4, page 197—and certified before a justice of the peace in New York.

"Infidelity prevalent in New York after the reign of terror in France. Newburg, New York, had a society led by Bline Palmer called The Druidicial Society. It had a High Priest and met to ridicule and destroy religion. Infamous and blasphemous acts were performed. At a meeting they burned a Bible, baptized a cat, and partook of a mock sacred meal, and administered sacrament to a dog. In the evening he who administered the sacrament was attacked with a violent inflammatory disease and died before morning in great bodily and mental agony, his inflamed eyeballs protruding and his tongue swollen. Another was found dead the next morning. A third died in a fit a few days later.

"In five years of the organization of the society, all thirty-six of the original members had met strange and premature deaths—one of horrible swelling, one found dead in bed, one died in convulsions, one froze to death, three died in accidents, five were suicides, two were stoned to death, seven died on the gallows, and eight were shot.

Think on this!

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