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"That Is What I Want"

The pastor of a certain church in Manchester, England, was fairly besieged by a certain woman with requests to pray for her husband. They would nearly succeed in winning the husband when this woman would fly into a violent temper and upset everything. Her husband would say, "Well, Mary if that is religion, I don't want it." Finally the pastor told her that the fault was hers; that she must overcome her temper, and the Lord would give her grace to do it. In her shame and despair she took the matter to the Lord, and he gave her the victory. The time for spring cleaning came. She had just gotten a new lamp hung in the hall and a new carpet laid when John came home, carrying something on his shoulder, not knowing about the new lamp, and there was a clattering and a breaking up of things. He expected a row, but instead a quiet woman looked over the stairs and said, "Never mind, husband; it's all right; we can get a new lamp." And he said, "Mary, what's the matter?" "Oh, my dear," she said, "I have trusted the Lord Jesus to cure me of my temper." He said, "Well, if He has cured you, come right down and pray for me, for that is what I want." And the pastor says he was converted that day.—The King's Business.

A Christian Home

How happy you are if you live in a Christian home. What a blessing it is to have a Christian father and mother who will teach you the Bible, and who will live for Jesus before you. Richard Cecil was a great Christian man. He tells of how he found the Saviour. He says that when he was a boy he tried to be an unbeliever. But there was one thing he could not forget, and that was his mother's faith in God and love for God. Richard Cecil's father was a sinner. He drank, and he was often unkind to Richard and his little brother, and to his mother. At such times, the mother would take Richard and his little brother to a spot under a hillside, and, kneeling there, she would pray to God, and ask God's care for her children. The mother died before long. She was killed by her husband's harshness and the hardness of her life. When Richard reached twenty-one years of age, he was an hardened, sinful young man. One day he found himself near his boyhood home. He felt drawn to go and take another look at the little place under the hill, where his mother often went to pray. It was just as he had left it. Even the grass looked as if no foot had touched it since his mother had died. Richard sat down. He heard again his mother's voice, pleading again with God for her boys. His heart was crushed as he thought of his sinful ways, and of his refusals to come to the Lord Jesus. He fell on his knees, with the tears running down the cheeks. He did not leave that spot under the hill until he had found the Saviour! He said.

"My mother's prayers came back. I stand today the loving witness of a mother's faithfulness, of a prayer-hearing God!"

We will never forget our Christian father and mother, our Christian home! The Evangelistic Singer, F. A. Mills, is well known in central New York State. Some time ago, his mother died. She had been a wonderful Christian mother. At her funeral Mr. Mills sang with deep feeling:

"O mother, when I think of thee,
'Tis but a step to Calvary,
Thy gentle hand upon my brow,
Is leading me to Jesus now!"

All children from Christian homes can sing this song!Gospel Herald.

"What Is a Home?"

Recently a London magazine sent out 1,000 inquiries on the question: "What is home?" Out of 800 replies received, seven gems were selected as follows:

  1. Home—A world of strife shut out, a world of love shut in.

  2. Home—The place where the small are great and the great are small.

  3. Home—The father's kingdom, the mother's world and the child's paradise.

  4. Home—The place where we grumble the most and are treated the best.

  5. Home—The center of our affections round which our heart's best wishes twine.

  6. Home—The place where our stom­ach gets three square meals daily and our hearts a thousand.

  7. Home—The only place on earth where the faults and the failings of humanity are hidden under the sweet man­tle of charity.—The Covenanter Witness.

Youth and the Family Altar

"What does it mean to you to have had a Christian home?" The question was put to a student of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, a young man whose parents are missionaries.

"Why," he said, "it means everything; that's why I'm here. In our home in China, family worship was a normal part of every day's activities. There was nothing spectacular about it. In fact, I cannot remember anything of outstanding influence that occurred at our fam­ily altar. But that wholesome home at­mosphere and the constant realization of God's presence have helped me to put God first."

Another student, the eldest daughter in a family of four children, is an accepted candidate for missionary service in Africa. "In our home," she said, "we usually sing at worship time—the old hymns, with their depth of meaning. My parents feel that music is one of the strongest ties for binding together the members of a family. When Father reads the Word, each of us follows the reading in his or her own Bible, and everyone has a part in the worship. The younger children select and read Scripture verses that become their own prayers. I was saved when I was nine. The influences of my Christian home have molded my life, and they will extend soon, the Lord willing, to Africa."—The King's Business.

Six things necessary to make a house really a Home should be found in every Christian home:

i. The architect—integrity:
ii. the upholsterer—tidiness:
iii. the heating—affection:
iv. the lighting—cheerfulness:
v. the ventilator—industry:
vi. the protecting roof—God's blessing.

(Mark 2. 1)


He laid him down upon the breast of God
In measureless delight—
Enfolded in the tenderness untold,
The sweetness infinite.—Machthild of Hellfde

(Ps. 116. 15; 2 Cor. 5. 8; Phil. 1. 23)

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