Holy Spirit Sermon Illustrations

Holy Spirit Sermon Illustrations

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An Experience Too Common

Charles M. Alexander said that there was once a meeting of intense power going on down in Tennessee, and one of the variety of disciples who blow hot and blow cold, who are revived at each annual revival meeting and who backslid in the interim, was praying in the assembly with a great burst of emotion.

There was present an old woman who knew him well, who read correctly his character, and had witnessed his many revivals and backslidings. So when he suddenly burst into prayer for the fullness of the Holy Spirit to be given him, the old woman emphatically cried, "Don't you do it, Lord—he leaks!" How sad a commentary! In the same sense, the most of us "leak"—we fail to retain the bestowed blessing.—Courtesy Moody Monthly.

A Guest, but Limited

In her book entitled "Life on the Highest Plane," Miss Ruth Paxton relates an experience that illustrates how many Christians today are grieving this Heavenly Guest. She tells of visiting a college to conduct evangelistic meetings, and being entertained in a home where the guest room was over the kitchen and approached by an outside stairway. Later when an occasion arose which made it desirable for her to enter another section of the house she found every other door fast locked. Seized with a strange sense of loneliness, she returned to the one room which was hers to occupy, and poured her heart out in prayer. God very effectively used the occasion to illustrate to her and to the thousands who have been helped by her ministry how he himself has in many cases been admitted to some little guest chamber and been forced to stay there when all the while he longed to enter every room and share all experiences. One may well ask himself the question, As a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, have I fully understood that the Holy Spirit of God has taken up His abode in me? Am I letting Him mean all that He will to me?Baptist Young People's Union Quarterly.

Wait for His Decision

Many years agone, the throne of Russia was once occupied by two boy princes. They sat side by side and gave their decisions on the gravest questions; their judgments were so wise and just, that men marveled that princes so young and inexperienced could know so much of statecraft, or speak with such discretion on questions so difficult. But the secret was that close behind the throne where they sat, hidden by a thin veil, was the Princess Sophia. She heard the cases brought to them, and gave the decisions which they pronounced. Those boys referred everything to her, and waited until she whispered to them the wise answer they delivered. So "the word of Christ should dwell" in our heart. (Col. 3:16). It is unseen but only a thin veil conceals it. We are to refer every matter to the Holy Spirit and wait for His decision. Then what He bids us do we are to do. Thus Christ "brings into captivity every thought," every feeling and affection (II Cor. 10:5; Gal. 5:24). He will settle every point of duty. He will mold our business methods. He will sit as the invisible umpire in all questions of pleasure, of profit, of ambition or leadership. "The Word is nigh thee" (Rom. 10:8).—The Illustrator.

"Slow of Speech"

Moses complains that he is slow of speech and of a slow tongue. God does not promise a new tongue, but that He will be with him and train his tongue. Listen to him forty years after in the Moab plain, as with brain fired and tongued loosened and trained he gives that series of farewell talks fairly burning with eloquence. Students of oratory can find no nobler specimen than Deuteronomy furnishes. The unmatured powers lying dormant had been aroused to full growth by the indwelling Spirit of God.—S. D. Gordon.

God's Way of Blessing

Are you compassed with needs at this very moment, and almost overwhelmed with difficulties, trials, and emergencies? These are all Divinely provided vessels for the Holy Spirit to fill, and if you but rightly understood their meaning, they would become opportunities for receiving new blessings and deliverances which you can get in no other way.

Bring these vessels to God. Hold them steadily before Him in faith and prayer. Keep still, and stop your own restless working until He begins to work. Do nothing that He does not Himself command you to do. Give Him a chance to work, and He will surely do so; and the very trials that threatened to overcome you with discouragement and disaster will become God's opportunity for the revelation of His grace and glory in your life, as you have never known Him before—Selected.

Touching God

An inert substance or a living body may become so surcharged and transformed with another force foreign to itself, that when we touch it we feel only the foreign force which fills it. Galvanize a pail of water, and then put your hand into it. You touch the water, but you feel only the electricity which pervades it. Take a bar of iron and put it into the fire. Soon the fire enters it, and takes possession of every atom of which it is composed. If you touch it while red-hot you will scarcely feel the iron, but you will certainly feel the fire. So it is with a man when he is filled with God. Come near to him and touch him, and as you touch the man you feel God.—Dr. F. E. Marsh.

Reverence for God's Dwelling-Place

Louis T. Talbot addressed his morning congregation in the Church of the Open Door, Los Angeles, Calif., in these searching words: "We have a large company here. Many of you are strangers to me; nevertheless, I can say with absolute certainty that no one of you will pull out a cigarette, light it, and smoke it in this room. And yet the New Testament teaches us that it is not any earthly structure that is the temple of God, for today the Holy Spirit dwells in the bodies of believers, born-again ones. It is right that we should have reverence for the place of worship, but why should men and women have less fear of desecrating the true temple of God?"—The King's Business.

Protection from Within

"Unless there is within us that which is above us, we shall soon yield to that which is about us."—Upper Room.

His Temple

Dr. James M. Gray in a service one evening expounded Romans 12:1. Leaning over the pulpit, he said, "Have you noticed that this verse does not tell us to whom we should give our bodies? It is not the Lord Jesus who asks it. He has His own body. It is not the Father who asks for it. He remains upon His throne. Another has come to earth without a body. God could have made a body for Him as He did for Jesus, but He did not do so. God gives you the privilege and the indescribable honor of presenting your bodies to the Holy Spirit, to be His dwelling-place on earth. If you have been washed in the Blood of the Lamb, then yours is a holy body, washed whiter than snow, and will be accepted by the Spirit when you give it. Will you do so now?"—Gospel Herald.

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