Holiness Sermon Illustrations

Holiness Sermon Illustrations

Holiness of God

The following is the translation of a Telugu Hymn:

Holy, holy, Lord most holy; Thine intrinsic holiness

E'en the angels in the glory cannot fathom or express.

Holy Father! all excelling wisdom, power and strength are Thine,

As from Thy celestial dwelling radiant right­eousness doth shine.

Holy Son! in incarnation Man of truth and boundless grace,

Bringing by Thy death salvation to our sinful fallen race.
Holy Spirit! Great Bestower from Heaven's precious treasure-store!
Love and joy and grace and power on Thy saints Thou still dost pour.
Holy Father, Son and Spirit—God the blessed Trinity!
Glory, honor, power and merit be eternally to Thee.—A.N.

(Isa. 6. 3; John 17. 11; Heb. 7. 26; Eph. 4. 30)

Teach me to love Thee as Thy angels love,
One holy passion filling all my frame—
The baptism of the heaven-descended Dove;
My heart an altar, and Thy love the flame.—George Croly

A clergyman once asked the poor children before him, "What is holiness?" Thereupon a poor little boy in tattered rags, jumped up and said, "Please, your reverence, it is to be clean inside." Could anything be truer?—Selected

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