Gossip Sermon Illustrations

Gossip Sermon Illustrations

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"Gossiping" Works Ruin

An elephant in a zoo bellowed in vicious notes to its mate in the next enclosure. The mate passed it on to a third elephant.

"They're gossiping!" shouted the keeper and rushed for the stockade, calling to his assistants. But he was not quick enough, and before the animals were subdued they had ruined a thousand dollars' worth of property and injured two men. The keeper explained what he meant by gossiping. One wanted something the others had, or was jealous of them, or felt "just plain ugly" and vented its spite by "tattling" maliciously some bit of news about the other.

"Animals gossip just like men and women," said the keeper, "and they work just as much mischief by it in their way."—New Century Leader.

Three Things to Remember

Remember, three things come not back.
The arrow sent upon its track.
It will not swerve, it will not stay
Its speed; it flies to wound or slay.

The spoken word so soon forgot
By thee; but it has perished not.
In other hearts, 'tis living still.
And doing work for good or ill.

And the lost opportunity,
That cometh back no more to thee;
In vain thou weepest, in vain dost yearn;
These three will nevermore return.Gospel Banner.

Boys flying kites, haul in their white-winged birds.
You can't do that when you are flying words.
"Careful with fire," is good advice we know,
"Careful with words," is ten times doubbly so;
Thoughts unexpressed may sometimes fall back dead,
But God Himself can't kill them when they're said.—Selected.

Scandal's Instrument

A godly minister was approached by one of his church members who wanted to repeat to him some of the wrongdoings of others. The pastor said, "Does anybody else know this but you?" "No, sir." "Have you told it to anyone else?" "No." "Then," said the good man, "go home and hide it away at the feet of Jesus, and never speak of it again unless God leads you to speak to the man himself. If the Lord wants to bring scandal upon His Church, let Him do it; but don't be the instrument to cause it."—Herald of His Coming.

Wise Sayings

Half the world delights in slander, and the other half in believing it.—French Proverb.

Slander, that worst of poisons, ever finds An easy entrance to ignoble minds.—Translation of Juvenal.

Ever have an eye as to what and to whom you speak concerning any man.—Horace.
Hearsay is half lies.—German Proverb.

A gossip speaks ill of all, and all of her.Gnomologia.

A Hint for Knockers

The story is told of a peasant with a troubled conscience who went to a monk for advice. He said he had circulated a vile story about a friend, only to find out the story was not true. "If you want to make peace with your conscience," said the monk, "you must fill a bag with chicken down, go to every dooryard in the village, and drop in each one of them one fluffy feather." The peasant did as he was told. Then, he came back to the monk and announced he had done penance for his folly. "Not yet," replied the monk. "Take your bag to the rounds again and gather up every feather that you have dropped." "But the wind must have blown them all away," said the peasant. "Yes, my son," said the monk, "and so it is with gossip. Words are easily dropped, but no matter how hard you try, you can never get them back again."

"And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity. . . The tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison (James 3:6, 8).—Selected.

Gossip Town

Have you ever heard of Gossip Town,
On the shore of Falsehood Bay,
Where old Dame Rumor with rustling gown
Is going the livelong day?

It isn't far to Gossip Town,
For people who want to go,
The Idleness Train will take you down
In just an hour or so.

The Thoughtless Road is a popular route,
And most folks start that way,
But it's steep down grade; if you don't look out,
You'll land in Falsehood Bay.

You glide through the Valley of Vicious Folk,
And into the Tunnel of Hate;
Then crossing the Add-to-Bridge, you walk
Right into the city gate.

The principal street is called They-say,
And I've Heard is the public well;
The breezes that blow from Falsehood Bay
Are laden with Don't-You-Tell.

In the midst of the town is Tell-tale Park,
You're never quite safe while there,
Its owner is Madame Suspicious Remark,
Who lives on the street Don't Care.

Just back of the park is Slander Row—
'Twas there that Good Name died,
Pierced by a dart from Jealousy's bow,
In the hands of Envious Pride.

From Gossip Town, Peace long since fled,
But Trouble, Grief and Woe,
And Sorrow and Care you'll meet instead,
If you ever chance to go.—Selected.

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