Futility Sermon Illustrations

Futility Sermon Illustrations

When the game is not worth the candle, drop it at once. It is wasting time to look for milk in a gatepost or blood in a turnip, or sense in a fool. Never offer a looking-glass to a blind man; if a man is so proud that he will not see his faults, he will only quarrel with you for pointing them out to him. It is of no use to hold a lantern to a mole, or to talk of heaven to a man who cares for nothing but his dirty money.

It is not wise to aim at impossibilities—it is a waste of powder to fire at the man in the moon. It is never worthwhile to do un­necessary things. Never grease a fat sow, or praise a proud man. Don't make clothes for fishes. Don't paint lilies or garnish the gospel. Never bind up a man's head before it is broken, or comfort a conscience that makes no con­fession. Never hold a candle to show the sun, or try to prove a thing which nobody doubts.

I would advise no one to attempt a thing which costs more than it is worth. You may sweeten a dunghill with lavender but it will turn out a losing business in the long run.

Long ago my experiences taught me not to dispute with anybody about tastes and whims; one might as well argue about what you can see in the fire. It is of no use ploughing the air, or trying to convince a man against his will in matters of no consequence.—C. H. Spurgeon

(Prov. 23. 9; 26. 4).

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