Fish Sermon Illustrations

Fish Sermon Illustrations

In the Gospel records, fish as a provision for human needs occupies a prominent place in our Lord's miracles. There were two miracles in which loaves and fishes were used to feed large companies, and two miraculous draughts of fishes. The risen Lord had fish to feed His toiling, hungry disciples on the shore of the Sea of Tiberias, and directed Peter to find the tribute money in the mouth of a fish, He knew where the fish was, and He knew where the money was.

So, and because the Greek letters of the word for 'fish' spell out the initials of our Lord's titles, the fish became the symbol of the Christians in days of persecution and trouble. It is frequently seen in the catacombs. The Greek word for 'fish' has five letters, which form the initials of the Greek words in the following order-Jesus Christ, Of God the Son—Savior.

(Matt. 14. 17-19; 17. 27; Mark 8. 7; Luke 5. 6; John 21. 11)

A man went into a restaurant recently and said, "Give me a half dozen fried oysters."

"Sorry, sah," answered the waiter, "but we's all out o' shell fish, sah, 'ceptin' eggs."

Little Elizabeth and her mother were having luncheon together, and the mother, who always tried to impress facts upon her young daughter, said:

"These little sardines, Elizabeth, are sometimes eaten by the larger fish."

Elizabeth gazed at the sardines in wonder, and then asked:

"But, mother, how do the large fish get the cans open?"

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