February Sermon Illustrations

February 06, 2010

What Changed Him

When Sir Walter Scott was a boy, he was considered a great dullard. His accustomed place in the schoolroom was the ignominious dunce corner with the high pointed paper cap of shame on his head. One evening when he was twelve or fourteen, he chanced to be in a home where famous literary guests were being entertained. The great Robert Burns was standing admiring a picture under which was written the couplet of a stanza. He inquired concerning the author. None of the great people present knew. Timidly a boy crept up to his side, whispered the name of the author, and quoted the rest of the poem. Burns was surprised and delighted. Laying his hand on the youth's head, he exclaimed, "Ah, bairnie, ye will be a great mon yet in Scotland some day!"

From that day, Walter Scott was a changed lad. One of the greatest men in the world believed that he would do great things!Gospel Herald.

Subjects: Encouragement

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