February Sermon Illustrations

February 05, 2010

Scotland has given many martyrs to the Church and to civil liberty, but there is no tale of martyrdom which so touches a Scottish heart as that of the two Wigtown martyrs, Mary Wilson and Agnes McLaughlin, who perished in the Solway tide. For refusing to retract their Christian declarations the friends were condemned to drown. The elder woman was fastened to a stake much farther out than the younger, with the thought that when the younger saw the suffering and death struggle of her friend she would recant. Quickly the inexorable tide of the Solway came in—first to the older girl's ankles, then to her knees, then to her waist, then to her neck, then to her lips.

The executioners called to the younger girl, "Look! What seest thou?"

Turning her head a little, she saw the struggles of her drowning friend, and then made her calm answer, "What do I see? I see the Lord Jesus suffering in one of his members."

Subjects: Christ, Suffering, Martyrs

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