February Sermon Illustrations

February 28, 2010


A visitor was once walking along a high part of the shore of the Dead Sea when he lost his balance and fell into the water. He could not swim and, in desperation lest he should sink and be drowned, he began to fling his arms about. At last he was exhausted and felt he could do no more. Then he found something happen: the water bore him up. The water of the Dead Sea is so heavy with salt and other minerals that when he lay still in it he found he floated on the surface. He could not drown so long as he resigned himself to the power of the deep. So too with us. There is a power beneath us and around us waiting to bear us up. We should cease from all our floundering and fruitless efforts and let the power of God undergird us.—R. H. W. Shepherd.

Subjects: Trust, Faith

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