February Sermon Illustrations

February 27, 2010

Wait for the Mud to Dry

Father Graham was an old-fashioned gentleman, beloved by everyone, and his influence in the little town was great, so good and active was he.

A young man of the village had been badly insulted and came to Father Graham full of angry indignation, declaring that he was going at once to demand an apology.

"My dear boy," Father Graham said, "take a word of advice from an old man who loves peace. An insult is like mud; it will brush off much better when it is dry. Wait a little, till he and you are both cool, and the thing will be easily mended. If you go now it will only be to quarrel."

It is pleasant to be able to add that the young man took his advice, and before the next day was gone the insulting person came to beg forgiveness.—Our Young Covenanters.

Subjects: Patience, Perseverance

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