February Sermon Illustrations

February 25, 2010

Worth a Bucket of Water

One hot August day, two half-starved horses, drawing an immigrant wagon with a drunken driver, a sick woman, and four children, stopped at a cabin on a Kansas prairie. "Any water?" the driver asked of a sweet young girl at the door. There was but one bucket of water in the well, which was going dry, and her parents were even then away seeking more water, but Rachel carried that to the wagon, and the half-famished group soon emptied it. "Remember, child," said the sick woman gratefully, "'Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least."' They drove on. Years passed, and Rachel, grown to be a woman, secured a well-known temperance speaker to lecture in her town. "I love Kansas," he began, "for on its plains I made my first temperance pledge." Then he related the above. When he told of the girl who gave them water, and how his father threw away the whisky bottle as a thank offering, and he himself promised his mother to join the cold water army, Rachel could only bow her head to hide the glad tears.—The Illustrator.

Subjects: Kindness, Service

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