February Sermon Illustrations

February 24, 2010

Honesty in Small Things

In a certain bank there was a trust department in which four young men and one older man were employed. It was decided by the directors that they would promote the older employee and also promote one of the younger men to have charge of the trust department after the older gentleman was removed to his new position. After considering the merits of each of the men, a certain one of the four younger men was selected for the new position and to receive a substantial increase in salary. It was decided to notify him of the promotion that afternoon at four o'clock.

At the noon hour the young man went to a cafeteria for lunch. One of the directors was behind him in the line with several other customers in between them. The director saw the young man select his food including a small piece of butter. The butter he flipped on his plate and threw some food on top of it to hide it from the cashier. In this way he lied to the cashier about what was on his plate.

That afternoon the directors met to notify the young man that they had intended giving him the promotion, but that because of what had been seen in the cafeteria they must discharge him. They felt that they could not have one who would lie and steal as the head of their trust department.

"Honesty is the best policy" both in natural things and in spiritual things.—Selected.

Subjects: Honesty

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