February Sermon Illustrations

February 20, 2010

The Power of a Christian Life

A revival meeting was being held in a village church. Many had been saved during the meetings. At the end of the sermon one night, the preacher said, "Is the person here who most influenced you in becoming a Christian? Maybe it is your mother, your pastor, your Sunday school teacher, your neighbor. I wish you would now rise and go and shake hands with the one who most influenced you to accept Christ as your Saviour. A glorious scene followed! Pupils went to their Sunday school teachers. Some went to the Sunday school superintendent. Some went to the pastor. To the left of the preacher sat an aged woman, wearing a sunbonnet. She had never spoken in public. She was not a Sunday school teacher. She was not an officer in the church. She was only a faithful, consecrated Christian mother and wife. She was more than seventy-five years old. A long line went to where she sat. Some took her by the hand. Some placed their arms about her. They said, "Your quiet, faithful, consecrated life; your personal work and testimony for Christ, when we were in your home, led us to Christ, the Saviour!" It was the beautiful, holy life which the Christian woman had led throughout the years that had won so many to the Saviour.—Gospel Herald.

Subjects: Faithfulness, Example, Consecration

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