February Sermon Illustrations

February 17, 2010

Absolute Forgiveness

A Christian doctor in Scotland was very lenient with his poor patients, and when he found that it was difficult for them to pay his fees he wrote in red ink across the record of their indebtedness the one word—`Forgiven'. This was of such frequent occurrence that his case book had few pages where the red letters did not appear. After his death his executors thought the doctor's estate would be greatly benefited if some of the `Forgiven' debts could be collected. After unsuccessful applications to the poor patients, the executors took legal proceedings to recover the amounts. But when the judge examined the case book and saw the word `Forgiven' cancelling the entry, he said, 'There is no tribunal in the land that could enforce payment of these accounts marked `Forgiven'; and he dismissed the case.—Indian Christian

(Luke 7. 48-50; Acts 13. 38, 39).

Subjects: Forgiveness, Repentance

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