February Sermon Illustrations

February 12, 2010

Life's Richest Reward

A young woman in New York held what was considered a splendid position in a school attended by children from wealthy homes. Suddenly she gave it up and went to teach in one of the most squalid districts on the East Side.

"These East Side kiddies have so little," she explained. "School is the one bright spot in their lives. I feel almost like a fairy godmother when in their midst. The children in my other school had everything. They even were conveyed to the schoolroom door by nurses and chauffeurs. There was no 'kick' in it for me."

Such confessions as this prove that Jesus was right when He stressed the fact that the joy that comes from helping others is the richest reward one can experience in life.—Selected.

Subjects: Service, Love for Others, Kindness

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