Eternity Sermon Illustrations

Eternity Sermon Illustrations

Graven on the pavement of a street in Dundee, Scotland, is the word `Eternity'. It was first chalked there by Robert Annan, swimmer and life-saver, as he set forth to endeavor to save someone from drowning. The attempt cost him his life.

(Is. 57. 15; Heb. 9. 15; 1 John 5. 11; Rev. 20. 10).

Eternity! Eternity!
How long art thou. Eternity?
A little bird with fretting beak
Might wear to naught the loftiest peak,
Though but each thousand years it came;
Yet thou wert then, as now, the same.
Ponder, O man, eternity!

'We may travel the sea of life without Christ, but what about the landing? Outside the city of London there is a tombstone visible to those who pass that way, whose inscription proclaims:

`Passer by! Stop and think!
I'm in eternity; you're on the brink.'

(Heb. 5. 9; 2 Thess. 1. 8, 9)

Count the gold and silver blossoms spring has scattered o'er the lea:
Count the softly-sounding ripples sparkling on the summer sea;
Count the lightly-flickering shadows in the autumn forest glade:
Count pale nature's scattered teardrops, icy gems by winter made.
Count the tiny blades that glisten early in the morning dew:
Count the desert sand that stretches under noontide's dome of blue:
Count the notes that wood-birds warble in the evening's fading light:
Count the stars that gleam and twinkle in the firmament by night.
When thy counting all is done,
Scarce eternity's begun.

A young man came to an aged Professor of a distinguished University and with pleasure informed him that the fondly cherished desire of his heart was fulfilled: he was to study law. 'Well, and when you have finished your study, what do you mean to do then!' asked the Professor. 'Then I shall take my degree,' said the young man. 'And then?' 'Then I shall get difficult cases and win fame by my eloquence and acuteness.' And then?' 'Then I shall be promoted and become rich.' `And then?'—

After time has gone, eternity begins. What then?—Dr. Octavius Winslow

(Heb. 9. 27)

A thoughtful young woman, seriously minded, wrote on a card the following lines:

`To think of summers yet to come
That I am not to see!
To think a weed is yet to bloom
From dust that I shall be!'

A Christian friend, finding the card, picked it up, read it, and wrote on the other side:

'To think, when Heaven and earth are fled,
And skies and seas are o'er,
When all that can die shall be dead,
That I shall die no more!
Oh, where shall then my portion be?
Where shall I spend eternity?'

(Heb. 9. 27; Rev. 14. 11).

In the city of Sydney, Australia, late one evening, a British naval officer walked down a well-known street. Suddenly he heard a voice behind him which said: `If you should be called into eternity within the next twenty-four hours your soul would be in either heaven or hell.' These arresting words of this unknown man burned their way into his soul until he felt his need as a sinner before God, unfit for His holy presence and unprepared for eternity. Later he sought to find the way of salvation and placed all his confidence in Christ and His work of redemp­tion. He thus entered into possession of eternal life.

The remarkable thing is that several other people had the same experience in the same place by hearing the same words spoken by the same elderly Christian man. They too were awakened by those words to see their need as sinners and to prepare for eternity, and accepted Christ as their Saviour.

Francis Dixon, godly minister of Lansdowne Baptist Church, Bournemouth, narrated, from the personal testimonies of those who had had the experience, the details of several who had been led to consider what their eternal state would be on hearing the words of the Christian man on the street in Sydney, and had received the Lord Jesus Christ as a result. He told us in Coonoor how he had sought out that faithful brother in Sydney when he had been there on a visit and how the aged servant of Christ, on hearing of how God had blessed his simple words of witness, had broken down and wept with joy.

(Num. 23. 10).

Days come and go
In joy or woe;
Days go and come
In endless sum.
Only the eternal day
Shall come but never go;
Only the eternal tide
Shall never ebb but flow.
O long eternity,
My soul goes forth to thee!—Selected

None can comprehend eternity but the eternal God. Eternity is an ocean whereof we shall never see the shore; it is a deep where we can find no bottom; a labyrinth from which we cannot extricate ourselves, and where we shall never find the door.—Boston

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