Dispensations Sermon Illustrations

Dispensations Sermon Illustrations

Dispensations and Divisions

The dispensations into which time is divided are seven. They are:

1) Innocence — from the creation of man to the fall.

2) Conscience — from the fall to the flood.

3) Human government — from the flood to the call of Abraham.

4) Promise — from the call of Abraham to Sinai.

5) Law —from Sinai to Calvary.

6) Grace — from Calvary to the return of Christ in glory.

7) The millennium — the one thousand-year reign of Christ upon the earth.

These divisions are not philosophically imposed. They are divinely arranged and are as clearly marked as a turn in the road. To ignore them is to throw away the only key to a sys­tematic approach to the Bible.

Dispensationalism does not imply that God changes His mind periodically or every time a new generation comes along. The Scriptures assert emphatically that God never changes His mind at any time or about anything. First, there can be no occasion for God to change His mind, for, "Known unto God are all His works from the beginning of the world (ages)" (Acts 15:18). Now, if God knew from the very beginning the full outcome and results of all His works, how then, could there afterwards be any cause or reason for Him to change His mind? Whatever occurs, whatever situation may develop was fully known unto Him from the beginning.

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