Discouragement Sermon Illustrations

Discouragement Sermon Illustrations

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What Doest Thou in the Place of Discouragement?

God lives! He longs to give you courage for the battle! Are you downhearted? Look away from circumstances to God.

D. L. Moody became very much depressed at one time because he thought the Lord was not sufficiently blessing his ministry. He was cast down, and would talk discouragingly of what was being done. He was in this disheartened condition for several months. He tells that one Monday when he was in the valley of despondency he met a friend who was dwelling upon the top of the mountain. The friend was exceedingly elated over the Sunday services he had conducted. He turned to Mr. Moody and inquired what kind of a day he had on Sunday in the service of the Lord.

"Oh!" said Moody, "I had not a good one." `Much power?" "No." Then Mr. Moody inquired of his friend what he had preached about. "Oh? I preached about Noah!" "How did you get on?" inquired Mr. Moody. "Oh, grandly. Did you ever study up Noah?" Mr. Moody said he thought he knew about Noah, and that there were only a few verses about him. "Oh, if you haven't studied up Noah you ought to do it. He's a won­derful character." After they parted Mr. Moody got out his Bible and read all he could find about Noah, and while he was reading, this thought came to him: Here is this man who was a preacher of righteousness for one hundred and twenty years, and yet never had a convert outside his own family. After this Mr. Moody went to a prayer meeting and met a young man who had just come from a town in Illinois. This young man was telling joyfully of ten bright converts in his recent meeting. "Why," said Mr. Moody to himself, "what would Noah have said if he had ten converts, and yet Noah didn't get discouraged?" Then a man close to Mr. Moody rose and in a trembling manner said: "I wish you would pray for me." Then Mr. Moody said to himself, "What would Noah have given if he had heard that during those one hundred and twenty years, and yet he never heard the voice of an inquirer—not one. Still he didn't get discouraged."

The important thing is to know that we are in the will of God. God has said that His Word will not return unto Him void. Results may seem meager. Disheartening circumstances may howl around us like a storm, but God has promised to protect us and look after results. Come out of the place of discouragement! "Why art thou cast down, 0 my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise Him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God." — Gospel Herald.

Are Sinking Spells Necessary

Someone said: "If you have occasional spells of despondency, don't despair. The sun has a sinking spell every night, but it rises again next morning." But this is not accurate, as the sun does not have a sinking spell every night; it only seems to because the earth is so changeable! The sun never sinks, and the sun that God has placed in the heavens to give light and warmth to the earth is a type, according to God's Word, of the Sun of Righteousness, our Lord Jesus Christ. Despondency comes only from unbelief.—Sunday School Times.


A young woman, because of discouragement, was about to give up an important work for God. One night she dreamed that an angel took her to Heaven and showed her all the beauty and glory of it. The angel then led her to the gate of Heaven where she could look down on the world and see the hearts of men and women torn and broken by sin and careless living. She could see bright spots where the Gospel had worked but they only intensified the darkness of the picture. The awful sight struck deep into the young woman's soul. She burst into tears, and said: "Let me go back to the world quickly and tell them of Jesus! I will never be discouraged again." Then she awoke; it was only a dream, but the vision of the lost world was always clearly before her eyes, and from that time on she realized her personal responsibility in the work of spreading the Gospel.

Indeed we all need to get above the horizon, to get a sight of a lost world, and to reach the "up" of courage in Christian service.

No matter how dark the hour may be, there are still glints of God's love, and if we are faithful, our saddest experience will be changed into sunshine and victory and happiness!

God cannot do much with a discouraged soldier. Uncle Sam has little or no use for a discouraged soldier. Once the morale of an army is gone, they are almost sure to go down in defeat.—Gospel Herald.

The Cause of Discouragement

If you are counting on your own strength, I am not surprised at your discouragement, but "He that keepeth Israel neither slumbereth nor sleepeth." We ought to be humbled, yes, humbled to the dust, but never discouraged. A truly humble man is not discouraged; the discouraged man is not a humble man, for he has trusted to something beside God; true nothingness cannot (do that) . Simple faith rises above circumstances to Christ. Does Christ love the Church less? Is He less powerful? Faith has constant unfailing confidence in Christ. I know what sorrow is, because of our failure, but discouragement I do not know.—J. N. D., in Scripture Truth.

Don't Be Discouraged

The owner of a lovely garden went out one morning to find a neighbor's rabbits busily nibbling the green sprouts off her plants. Facing the ruin of many hour's labor, she was angry, just as you and I might be. She was annoyed with the rabbits. She was even more annoyed with the owner, who had not penned them securely.

After a few moments she began to check her irritation. She struggled with that mental storm of hers so successfully that she not only gained calm; she saw a rainbow.

Without even mentioning the incident to the neighbor, she proceeded to repair the damages as best she could. Then she continued to tend and water the garden just as before. Three weeks later she had her reward. The plants again were covered with green sprouts, two new leaves for everyone that the rabbits had eaten.—Marjorie Schuler.

When We Want to Resign

We shall not soon forget Dr. Villers' story of the great Scotch preacher, John Robertson, who, discouraged with his work, sat and meditated and prayed late into the night; and as the day dawned he cried out in the anguish of his soul, "Lord, I resign my commission," only to hear back the consoling words from the Master, "You do not have to resign your commission. I will re-sign it for you." And John Robertson went forth in new power from that day. The fraternity of the burning heart is one that requires and may have constant renewal at the touch of the Master.—The Baptist.

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