Degree Sermon Illustrations

Degree Sermon Illustrations

"I hear Sam Tweedle turned down his divinity degree."
"Yeah, he didn't want to be called Tweedle, D.D."—Wall Street Journal

I am surprised that in my later life I should have become so experienced in accepting honorary university degrees when, as a schoolboy, I was so bad at passing examinations. In fact, one might say that no one ever passed so few examinations and received so many degrees!—Winston Churchill

An Indian left the reservation to visit in New York City. He signed the Hotel register with an XX. The registration clerk asked, "What do the X's stand for?"

"The first X stands for Shooting Bull and the second for Ph.D."

A young theologian named Fiddle
Refused to accept his degree;
"For," said he, "'tis enough to be Fiddle,
Without being Fiddle D.D."

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