Cross Sermon Illustrations

Cross Sermon Illustrations

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Michelangelo was an incarnation of the art and learning and wisdom of the Middle Ages. Yet when he came near to the end of his life, all his art and culture and learning meant nothing to him. He put his trust in Christ and him crucified. He tells us this in his beautiful sonnet:

Now hath my life across a stormy sea,
Like  a  frail  bark,  reached  that
wide port where all
Are hidden ere the final reckoning fall
Of good and evil for eternity.
Now know I well how that fond fantasy
Which made my soul the worshiper and thrall
Of earthly art, is vain: how criminal
Is that which  all men sees unwittingly.

Those amorous thoughts which were so lightly dressed,
What are they when a double death is nigh,
The one I know for sure, the other dread?
Painting nor sculpture now can lull to rest
My soul that turns to His great love on High,
Whose arms to clasp us on the cross were spread.

Cross, The Blood

A very careless old man had, during a severe illness, been made to realize that he was a lost sinner. He dared not die as he was. The preacher for whom he sent became weary of visiting him, having told him all he himself knew of the way of salvation. One Sunday afternoon, however, the coachman's daughter waited on the preacher saying, "You must come once more, sir; I cannot see my father die without you." "I can tell him nothing new," said the preacher; "but I may take the sermon I have been preaching, and read it to him." The dying man lay as before in anguish, thinking of his sins, and whither they must carry him. "My friend," the preacher said, "I have come to read you the sermon I have just preached. First, I shall tell you the text: `He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are healed." "Hold!" said the dying man, "I have it! Read no more; He was wounded for my transgressions. He suffered for me, and because He died I shall live! Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable Gift!Glad Tidings.

Demons Fear It

I met an Indian gentleman who was over here to study law and languages. He went over to Paris, got in with Madame Blavatsky's set, became a theosophist, then a spiritist, and was much used as a medium. He was then converted to God. Then it was that the evil spirits distressed him. For months he was awakened by them night after night, rarely getting half an hour's consecutive sleep. Tangible hands touched him, and terrible manifestations of their presence afflicted him. He prayed to God, but got no relief. At last a voice appeared to say to him, "Mention the blood." He then spoke to them, commanding them by the precious blood of Jesus Christ to leave him. Every time he mentioned the blood they left him, and by that means he obtained complete deliverance.Bible League Quarterly

Four Mysterious Words

I was brought up by pious Jewish parents in a Hungarian Roman Catholic village, where, as a boy, I saw again and again and was arrested by the sight of a crucifix and people kneeling and praying before it, and I observed at the head of the crucifix four mysterious letters I.N.R.I. I remember how often I asked myself what all this meant—the crucified figure as well as the four letters—and nobody among my own people would tell me. The riddle, and my perplexity about it, lasted until I grew up, then for the first time in my life a New Testament fell into my hands, the existence of which I knew nothing of until then. I shall never forget my surprise and sensation when reading for the first time, the story of Jesus and His crucifixion, as well as the meaning and origin of those four mysterious letters which had puzzled me so much during my boyhood. The scales fell from my eyes, and "Jesus, Nazarenus, Rex ludaeorum"—Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews — became from that moment my King and Redeemer, separating me for His sake from my own people, ready to live and die for Him. And my case prefigures what will happen one day to Christless Israel as a whole—they will acknowledge and crown Him, and live and die for Him. Yes, Jesus Christ is yet to be King of the Jews!The Dawn

"It Is Finished"

Professor Beare of the Presbyterian College, Montreal, points out (in The Presbyterian Record) that the last word of our Lord on the cross, tetelestai ("it is finished"), is properly so translated in John 19:30, yet that this word tetelestai is found repeatedly in tax receipts in the sense of "paid." "The word tetelestai, on a papyrus tax receipt, is the exact equivalent of an English rubber stamp, `Received Payment.' I wonder if the man of those days would not be apt to take the word on the lips of Jesus also as meaning `It is paid,' the account is settled, the debt is wiped out, the Redeemer of mankind has paid the price of redemption."—Sunday School Times

What We Need to Bring

There was once a man who went into a chemist's shop. He was a poor, untidy man, and he said, "If you please, Mister, can you give me something for a bad cold?" The chemist said, "Have you brought a prescription with you?" The man answered, "No, I ain't got no prescription with me, but I've brought my cold with me to be cured." How often sinners seeking a cure for sin try to bring their prescription to God. But he asks for nothing, save that the sinner should say, "Just as I am, without one plea, but that thy blood was shed for me."—The Christian Herald.

The Cost

A preacher had gone down into a coal mine during the noon hour to tell the miners of the glad tidings of salvation. Meeting the foreman on his way back to the shaft he asked what he thought of God's manner of saving man. "Oh, it is too cheap, I cannot believe in such a religion as that." Without an immediate reply to his remark the preacher asked, "How do you get out of this place?" "Simply by getting into the cage," was the reply. "Does it take long to get to the top?" "Oh, no; only a few seconds." "Well, that certainly is very easy and simple. Do you not need to raise yourself?" said the preacher. "Of course not," replied the miner. "As I have said, you have nothing to do but to get into the cage." "What about the people who sunk the shaft, and perfected all this arrangement? Was there much labor or expense about it?" "Yes, indeed. The shaft is a thousand feet deep, and it was sunk at great cost to the proprietors; but it is our way out and without it we should never be able to get to the surface." "Just so; and when God's Word tells you that whosoever believeth on the Son of God hath everlasting life, you say `Too cheap,' forgetting that God's work to bring you and others out of the pit of destruction was accomplished at a vast cost, the price being the death of His Son.—Selected.

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