Cross Sermon Illustrations

Cross Sermon Illustrations

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When the King Speaks

A Swedish newspaper told this tale: On his morning's ride through Copenhagen, Denmark's king, Christian X, saw a Nazi swastika waving over a public building in violation of the terms Hitler imposed on Denmark. "Take it down !" the King ordered a German officer in front of the building. "Orders from Berlin," replied the officer. "The flag must be removed before 12 o'clock; otherwise I will send a soldier to do it," the monarch declared. "The soldier will be shot," warned the Nazi officer. "I am the soldier!" said the King. The swastika came down. When the enemy of our souls put his banner over the rebel world it was our King from Heaven who came to deal with him. The highest angels could not avail for this task (Jude 9). But the Lord spoke plainly to the enemy, went to the very heart of his citadel, becoming sin in our behalf that through death He might destroy him that had the power of death (Heb. 2:14).

There was no other good enough
To pay the price of sin;
He only could unlock the gate,
Of Heaven and let us in.Revelation.

A Startling Headline

Newspaper headlines sometimes carry a startling testimony to the truth—even when the writer does not intend it. Last autumn a noted English physiologist, Sir Joseph Barcroft, concluded a series of lectures at Yale. The New York Herald Tribune reported this under a headline in bold type: "Blood of Lamb Yields Clew to Chance of Life." Christian people reading this were challenged by its unusual suggestiveness, and read on to see what it was about. Sir John described his experiments with newborn lambs to ascertain the oxygen content of their blood and their prospect of living in view of this. But this exploitation of scientific news turns one's thoughts to what may reverently be called the "headline" of God's Word, which is indeed that mankind's "chance of life" is inseparably related to the Blood of the Lamb. "Only because of the "Lamb slain from the foundation of the world" has any man since Adam fell had any chance of life.—Sunday School Times.

Perfectly Justified

God has revealed Himself in the face of Jesus Christ. He has told out, in Divine harmony, all His attributes in the work of the cross. Sin is perfectly put away, and the believing sinner perfectly justified "by the blood of His Cross." When we get a view of God, as thus unfolded, we have only, like Moses, to bow our head toward the earth and worship—suited attitude for a pardoned and accepted sinner in the presence of God!—C. H. Mackintosh.

"That Red Spot"

Napoleon once took a map and, pointing to the British Isles, remarked: "Were it not for that red spot, I would have conquered the world." The Devil pointed at the cross of Christ and said: "Were it not for that red spot, I would have conquered the world."Sunday School Times.

Under an Eastern sky,
Amidst a rabble's cry,
A Man went forth to die For me.

Thorn-crowned His blessed head,
Blood-stained His every tread:
Cross-laden, on He sped For me.

Pierced were His hands and feet;
Three hours o'er Him beat
Fierce rays of noontide heat For me.

Thus Wert Thou made all mine;
Lord, make me wholly Thine;
Grant grace and strength divine To me. Florida Baptist Witness.

The Test

A new religion came to me
With buoyant tread and radiant smile.
And at my door asked joyously
Just to come in and talk awhile.
The jeweled hands were fair to see,
Her white robe glistened in the sun:
'Twas quite agreeable to me
To listen to her silver tongue.

She spoke of wealth and health and peace,
Of pleasure and prosperity,
Of Love Divine which fills all space—
The only great Reality.
Despite her look, her smile, her speech,
My spirit shrank — strange to remark —
As one whose fingers reach
Some cold, dead thing amid the dark.

"Give me," I cried, "0 stranger guest,
Before I entertain thy plea,
An answer to this one request:
Dost come by way of Calvary?"
Swift changed her eyes from day to night,
Her smile to cold superior scorn;
She vanished from my wondering sight,
But left me neither sad nor lorn.

A shining presence filled the space,
A voice beloved spake peace to me—
A Person rare of truth and grace,
Who came by way of Calvary! —Elizabeth Cheney, in British Weekly.

Saints Any Church Can Afford

The Rev. Stuart McNairn said at a meeting that at one town in Argentina the Roman Catholics built a magnificent church, but they had not been able to open it. Why? Because they could not afford to buy any saints to put in it. But yet a little way down the road, in a little mission hall, God was making saints, creating them, not out of plaster, but through the regenerating power of the blood of Christ. —Christian Herald.

Aristocratic Vipers

It is related of John Wesley that, preaching to an audience of courtiers and noblemen, he used the "generation of vipers" text, and flung denunciations right and left. "That sermon should have been preached at Newgate," said a displeased courtier to Wesley on passing out. "No," said the fearless apostle; "my text there would have been, 'Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.'"—Sunday School Times.

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