Cost Sermon Illustrations

Cost Sermon Illustrations

When D. L. Moody approached a man who was president of a colliery about his soul's salvation, the man listened patiently and courteously, then said, `It's too cheap, I can't believe it is true. You ask me to do nothing except to accept Christ in order to obtain salvation. It is too cheap. It should cost more than that.'

D. L. Moody replied, 'Did you go down into the shaft of the colliery today?' `Yes,' said the man, 'I did.' `How far did you go down?' `Oh, several hundred feet.' `How did you go down?' D. L. Moody asked.

`Well, I pushed a button, the lift came up. I pushed another button, the lift went down.'

`That was all you did, just pushed a button?' Mr. Moody asked.

`Certainly,' the man replied, 'the coal company had spent thousands of pounds to sink the shaft and construct the elevators, but all I did was to push a button.'

`That's it, exactly,' said D. L. Moody. `Salvation has been wrought out at a tremendous price. It is the costliest thing in the world. Yet God offers it to you free because of what God has done by His Son.'

(Rom. 4. 5; 6. 23; Gal. 3. 13; Eph. 2. 8, 9)

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