Cooperation Sermon Illustrations

Cooperation Sermon Illustrations

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A Fable

Said a selfish old bee at the close of the day,
"This colony business doesn't pay.
I put my honey in that old hive
That others may eat and live and thrive,
And I do more in a day, you'll see,
Than some of the others do in three.
I toil and worry and save and hoard,
And all I get is my room and board.
It's me for a hive I can run myself,
And for me the sweets of my hard-earned pelf."

So the old Bee flew to a meadow lone,
And started a business all his own.
He gave no thought to the buzzing clan
But all intent on his selfish plan—
He lived the life of a hermit free.
"Ah, this is great," said the silly old Bee.

But the summer waned and the days grew drear,
And the lone Bee wailed as he dropped a tear,
For the varmints gobbled his little store,
And his wax played out and his heart grew sore.
So he winged his way to the old home band
And took his meals at "The Helping Hand."

Alone our work is of little worth,
Together we are the lords of earth.
So it's all for each, and each for all,
"United we stand, divided we fall." The Abstainer—Cardiff.

Prayer and Hoe

Said one man to another: "Uncle Dan, I heard that you asked the Lord for that good garden. Is that correct?" "Yes, sir, it is," proudly replied the man whose flourishing garden was his de­light; "only I never pray for a good garden unless I have a hoe in my hand. I say, `Lord, you send the sunshine and the rain, and I'll keep down these weeds.' "—Christian Advocate.

John Ruskin: "When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."—Friendly Chat

An old ferryman painted the word "Faith" on one oar and "Works" on the other. When asked the reason he explained: "To make a passage across the river you need both oars. See where `Faith' without 'Works' takes us." The ferryman slipped one oar and turned with "Faith" only, and went around and around in a circle. Now let us by Works' without 'Faith.' We make just as little headway; and it is just the same in the journey of life."—Wesleyan Methodist

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